Cracked eggshells craft idea- a mosaic coaster.

Cracked eggshells craft idea- a mosaic coaster

Easter crafts are a lot of fun. They are relatively easy to make, colorful, and kid-friendly. With all the splashes of Spring colors around us, I wanted to keep it simple this year.

A few days ago, I dyed 4 eggs using all natural, homemade dyes.

Natural egg dye recipes
Eggs colored with natural dyes are edible (yay!), and you can reuse their cracked shells, too. Think: decorating wooden picture frames, carton boxes or coasters (like I did).

You will need :

carton (or wooden) coaster, craft glue, cracked eggshells, small brush (for glue spreading).


Crack eggshells into small pieces.
You can put bigger eggshells into a plastic sandwich bag and crack them into smaller pieces using a roller pin.
My coaster had a picture glued to its surface, so I removed it first.

Next, spread a thick layer of craft glue across the coaster surface. Scatter eggshells all over it.
Adjust and reposition shells (you can create a picture if you wish).

Remember to spread them evenly, without creating too many ‘ups’ and ‘downs’. Wait for the glue to dry and add another layer on top of eggshells. Spread it evenly. Make the layer as thin as possible and leave it to dry.

If eggshells seem loose, add an additional glue coat and let it air dry overnight. You can also spray it with the clear sealer.

When shell pieces are small enough, properly glued, and evenly spread across the coaster, there’s no problem in using it afterward.

Cracked eggshells craft idea- a mosaic coaster

The surface is even enough to use it without the fear of spilling your juice 🙂 Eggshells are not loose, even though they appear to be. They are firmly glued to the coaster. That’s the beauty of equally spread out craft glue – it’s practically invisible!

Cracked eggshells craft idea- a mosaic coaster

Tips and Tricks:

Don’t make ‘shell- layer’ to thick.

You can use long toothpicks to adjust/reposition eggshells.

Ask kids to wear rubber gloves while crafting (eggshells can be sharp & craft glue can be hard to remove from hands).

You can crack eggshells into smaller pieces using your hands. Use rubber gloves to prevent getting cuts.

Happy crafting!


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Cracked eggshells craft idea- a mosaic coaster

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