Foods that help bowel movements.

Foods that help bowel movements.

Foods that help bowel movements.

What to eat if you suffer from constipation…

Please note that this list is directed to people with IBS-c.
IBS- d sufferers should be cautious when eating foods from the list.

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List of foods that help bowel movements:

– strawberries
– raspberries
– blueberries
– fresh cucumber
– oats
– yogurts (lactose free for IBS and colitis sufferers)
– bananas (in small quantities)
– kefir
– buttermilk
– popcorn (in small quantities)
Perfectly, made at home, in popcorn machine, without salt, butter & sugar.
– chia seeds
– brown rice
– spinach (small quantities)
– flaxseed
– nuts (for ibs sufferers & people on low fodmap diet: cut out cashews and pistachios; limit hazelnuts & almonds intake to ten)
– water
– high fiber low fodmap cereal – with no added inulin and dried fruits
– whole wheat gluten-free products
– castor oil (use as directed on the bottle)
– peeled tomatoes
– fresh herbs
– eggplant
– dill tea

Constipation – what helps? Tips and tricks.
Ways to relieve constipation and IBS-c symptoms:

regularly eating soluble fiber foods (blueberries, oat bran)
will help to keep your stool soft, and therefore, easier to pass.
– running and yoga
– drinking lots of herbal teas
(Best teas to drink for IBS).
– eating smaller portions
– limit or cut out fast foods
– limit or cut out fructose intake
(Low FODmap sugar substitutes and ultimate Low FODmap sugar guide).


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Foods that help bowel movements.

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