Tinted candle holders.

Do you know how to tint jars, bottles and other glass containers?

DIY Tinted candle holders from jars

Learn how to recycle old jars, bottles and other glass containers to create gorgeous tinted vases and candle holders.


Tinted candle holders

– small jars /500 ml glass bottles/ small glass candle holders or tea light holders
-food coloring or egg dye; one teaspoon or more per glass container
-craft glue (modge podge or wood adhesive); one teaspoon per container
-water; one teaspoon per container
-measuring cup/plastic container
– plate
-spoon/plastic or wooden stirrer
-paper towels or tin foil

Tinted candle holders7


Use clean and dry glass containers. Remove all the labels beforehand using soapy water.

Amount of food coloring, glue, and water used may vary depending on your glass container size. Please adjust the amount if you’re using bigger jars or bottles.
Tip: Go easy on the glue to avoid sticky water stains.


Mix one teaspoon of craft glue, water, and food coloring in a measuring cup.
Stir it until food coloring is completely enmeshed with glue and water.
Please note: Mixture color may seem vivid at first, but it will fade considerably at the end of the process. If you want vibrant color, feel free to add more food coloring.

Tinted candle holders Pour your mixture into the glass container of your choice.
Slowly swirl it around inside the jar or a bottle so it completely covers the sides. Do it over the sink, or over the wider plastic container (you may want to reuse sticky liquid to color another jar). Let all the mixture slowly flow out of the jar/bottle.

Tinted candle holders Place jar upside down on a plate covered with tin foil or paper towels (or both).
Leave it to dry for 20 minutes.

Tinted candle holders Place jar upright and leave it to dry for further 20 minutes to an hour.
You can also put it in the oven for 15 minutes (set it at 50°C). Please note, that tint exposed to the high temperature may fade a bit.

That’s it. Your glass containers are ready to display!

Tinted candle holders

Please note: Glass container colored this way are not waterproof.

Happy Crafting!


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DIY Tinted candle holders from jars

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