DIY log tealight candle holders

How to make tealight holder from a log.

DIY log tealight candle holders.

I’ve been collecting logs from fallen trees for a while now. All the wood pieces in my collection were quite small but still big enough to make something with them. I measured them and decided to make rustic tealight holders.


DIY log tealight candle holders – small logs or thick tree branches
-drill bit-spade (its diameter should match the diameter of a tea light, around 38mm)
-c clamp or adjustable spanner (to hold the logs during drilling)
-tape measure
-painters tape


Using a sharpie and/or painters tape mark the desired depth of the hole (it should be as deep as the tealight) on the spade surface.

DIY log tealight candle holders

 To establish where to drill, measure and mark the middle of the log.
It’s time for drilling!
Use a c clamp or adjustable spanner to hold your logs securely in one place during drilling. You can ask someone to hold bigger logs, but it’s much safer to use c clamp!

DIY log tea light candle holders

DIY log tea light candle holders

While drilling, make sure to stick to your measurements, so the hole is not too deep.
It’s all done!  Now, you can easily fit tealight, and replace it if necessary. You can use larger pieces of bark as tealight coasters to make the look of your table even more rustic.

DIY log tea light candle holders

Tips and tricks:

  • Not sure about open flames? Use battery operated tealights instead.
  • Not a fan of putting things straight from the woods on the table? 😉 Wash logs carefully under running water and let them dry for at least 24 hrs. Afraid of logs getting moldy? Use a vacuum to clean them.
  • Imperfections are perfect! Use logs with discolored bark and uneven surfaces. Look for quirky & different.
  • Try to find logs from different types of trees to make your table/candle corner look more versatile.
  • When drilling, always use protective glasses and a dust mask.

DIY log tea light candle holders

If you’re not a fan of bright colors, these are perfect for you. They will make your home feel cozier without being overwhelming.

Happy crafting!

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DIY log tealight candle holders

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