3-minute low FODmap prawns.

Low FODmap prawns

 If you’re short on time, here’s an idea for healthy and gluten-free dinner.
3-minute prawns!
Prawns are low FOdmap and great source of protein!


– fresh prawns (medium-sized packet)
– one teaspoon of cayenne pepper
– salt to taste
– gluten-free breadcrumbs (handful)
-rice flour (handful)
– one large egg
– rapeseed oil (around 50ml)

Low FODmap prawns


Sprinkle prawns with cayenne pepper and salt.
In a pan hot rapeseed oil. Beat one egg.
Coat prawns with beaten egg and then dip them into the rice flour and breadcrumbs. Shake off the access flour and fry prawns until they are golden brown. Put few sheets of paper towels on a plate, lay out the prawns, put another few sheets of towels on top of them, and use gentle pressure to soak up the excess fat. Serve with vegetable salad!

Low FODmap prawns

Prawn benefits.

They are:

-low in fat
-high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals
-source of Omega 3 fatty acids
-source of Selenium
-rich in Sodium (Sodium is very beneficial to our health, but can’t be consumed in too large quantities)

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Low FODmap prawns

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