Low FODmap Baked Potato Chips

Delicious, crispy and low FODmap!

Low FODmap potato chips


Homemade Baked Potato Chips from potato peelings!

Are you IBS sufferer, but also a potato chips muncher? Not sure about store-bought chips (all the preservatives, additives and fat)? I’ve got the perfect solution for you: homemade potato peeling crisps!
You know exactly what’s going into your snack. They are easy to make and nothing from your kitchen goes to waste.
Frugal living at its finest!

It’s a 3 ingredient recipe.

– potato skins/ peelings (2-4 mm)
– rapeseed oil/olive oil or fragrance-free coconut oil (1-2 tablespoons)
– spices: cayenne pepper/Mexican spice mix (check the label for garlic powder) or coarse salt & coarse pepper mix


Wash and dry potatoes carefully. Peel them.
Lay out baking parchment on an ovenproof tray.
Spread some oil on a baking parchment. Add potato peelings and sprinkle spices over them.

how to bake potato chips at home

Bake them for 15- 30 minutes on 200C (for fan assisted ovens). Keep an eye on your chips, especially if you’re baking them for the first time. Baking time may vary, depending on your oven and chips thickness.

After baking: Put few sheets of paper towels on a plate, lay out the chips, put another few sheets of towels on top of them and soak up the excess fat.

These are by far the best homemade chips I ate.
Highly recommended to all the munchers out there!


Eating potato skins benefits:

Potato skins are rich in insoluble fiber and can help bowel regularity. They contain vitamin B-6, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium, niacin, and thiamine.


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Low FODmap potato chips

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