Low FODmap tacos (with beef, veggies, and Parmesan cheese).

Low FODmap tacos

Craving Mexican food? Fear not! You can enjoy, tangy Mexican dishes even when you’re on a low FODmap diet!
Here’s an easy recipe for low FODmap tacos.


-cocktail tomatoes 80g (halves)
-little gem lettuce x2 (chopped)
-medium-sized cucumber (chopped)
-ground beef 500g
-rapeseed oil for frying (1-2 tablespoons)
-pepper or cayenne pepper (one tablespoon)
-salt (one tablespoon or less)
-dried dill (2 teaspoons)
-gluten-free taco shells (or gluten-free soft taco shells/wraps) 350g, shop below
– low FODmap tomato sauce 250g, shop below


Brown beef on medium heat for 15 to 25 minutes. Remove access water (leave around one/two tablespoons worth). Add spices. Mix them well. Add sauce, vegetables, and simmer for 15 minutes on a small fire.

Low FODmap tacos

Meanwhile, warm soft tortillas/wraps or prepare taco shells. Next, sprinkle beef with Parmesan cheese. Mix the cheese in or leave it on top. Stuff taco shells (or tortillas) with your fry-up, and enjoy!

Low FODmap tacos

Low FODmap Tips:

  • If you struggle after eating beef, just swap it for a turkey mince.
  • Also, the less fatty beef (or turkey) the better.
  • Other spices you can use include: paprika, asafoetida powder, turmeric, and herbs de Provence. You can also give sweet chili powder a try. Read more here: Low FODmap spices.

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Low FODmap tacos

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