Christmas eating feast – IBS tips & tricks.

Christmas eating feast – IBS tips & tricks

Holidays are especially difficult for IBS sufferers. All these lovely family gatherings, joyful smells, and favorite Christmas dishes… It sure is hard not to go crazy and you will probably give in to some of those temptations.


It’s unrealistic to think you will stay completely low fodmap during the Holidays (unless you have very strong willpower), so it’s better to have something up your sleeve. And there are at least few things you can do to prepare yourself for Christmas eating feast.
Please note: If you reintroducing fodmaps, you should try high fodmap foods, but with all the Christmas hype, you might not be able to do it in a controlled (and recommended) manner. So, my advice is….

During Christmas time:

– sneak in veggies wherever you can
– mix soluble and insoluble fiber foods
– drink kefir often
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– take antispasmodic tablets 30 minutes before bigger meals
– when trying high fodmap foods, start small and go from there!
– sneak in as much low fodmap meals as possible (You will be happy you ate that cucumber after your aunt will offer you your favorite Christmas pudding).
– during the day eat smaller portions more often
– don’t bore eat


– don’t binge eat
– stop eating before you entirely full ( It takes your brain from 10 to 20 minutes to register you’re full. Before you know it, you’re stuffed and almost throwing up).
– don’t forget to move (some running and dog walking will do!)
never force yourself to eat something you know will make you miserable (It may be hard during Christmas time. Your grandma maybe so keen to give you a bite of her “new awesome recipe” cheesecake, but if you know it will hurt you, just say ‘no’).
– take breaks between meals (Don’t worry, this turkey won’t disappear from the plate. Or maybe it will if you own a dog)


– test some high fodmap Christmas foods in November (you will  know what to expect during Christmas dinner)
– try to find low fodmap substitutes of your Christmas favorites

To sum it up:

Don’t strip yourself of all the Christmas eating fun, but be sensible!



Good luck!

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Christmas eating feast - IBS tips & tricks.

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