Low FODmap waffles: sour Parmesan waffles recipe.

Low FODmap waffles. Sour Parmesan gluten free waffles recipe.

Food you miss the most on low fodmap diet? Naughty stuff! Ice cream, pizza, waffles…
I bought new waffle maker couple of months ago, and I decided to create few IBS-friendly recipes that will satisfy my inner waffle monster.
Let’s start with sour waffles.
But fear not, sweet waffles recipe is coming right up. Just check the next post 🙂

This recipe is gluten free .

Low FODmap waffles.


– gluten-free rye flour (100 gram)
– plain white gluten-free flour (50 g)
– lactose free milk or coconut milk 190 ml
– water (optional, if your mix gets to dense)
– 2 eggs
– grated Parmesan
(2 tablespoons: one tablespoon to put inside the waffle mix & one tablespoon to sprinkle on top)
– spices (one teaspoon each): salt, pepper, paprika, dried herbs
– rapeseed oil for greasing plates (one teaspoon)


In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients (except: one tablespoon of Parmesan & rapeseed oil). Mix it all well together until it’s smooth. Texture should resemblance pancake mix (it can be a bit thicker).
If unsure, make one ‘trial’ waffles and adjust the ingredients. Add water if it’s too dense, add more flour if it’s too watery.

Low FODmap waffles mix.

Grease waffle plates and preheat them (as instructed in your waffle iron manual). Using a ladle, transfer mix from the bowl into hot plates. Slowly spread your mix (starting from the middle), and close the lid. Cook waffles until golden brown & crisp.
Sprinkle grated Parmesan on top, serve and enjoy!

Low FODmap waffles

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Low FODmap waffles. Sour Parmesan gluten free waffles recipe.

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