3 ingredient recipes

3 ingredient recipes

3 ingredient recipes

3 ingredient recipes

3 ingredient recipes roundup.

Most of us wish our meals were easy to make and fairly cheap. 3 ingredient recipes are perfect to ease everyday overwhelm. You can get really creative with 3 ingredients and create unexpected food combinations. Save time, money and prepare healthy meal for you and your family! These simple ingredient recipes can really surprise you.

Here are 3 ingredient recipes ideas to make everyday cooking simpler.

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Crock pot recipes:

Crock pot bbq chicken. Only 3 ingredients!

Chinese chicken. Crock pot recipe.

Easy christmas sauce.


IBS friendly oats porridge recipes.

3 ingredient breakfast idea.

Healthy salad.


Homemade Baked Potato Chips

3 ingredient homemade microwave energy bars


Easiest apple sauce in the world!

Easy christmas sauce.

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3 ingredient recipes roundup