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Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or health professional. Please, always seek help from health professionals. This post is part of anxiety series. Ibs is often... Read more

de stress yourself

De-stress yourself!

De-stress yourself! My favourite tips and tricks. Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, I’m just looking for answers 😉 1. Leave smartphone outside the bedroom. I’ve... Read more

our new home

Our new home…

Believe it or not, we actually received a discount (one month’s rent worth) and an apology. Still emotions run high during final apartment inspection. But... Read more

munsters mansion

The old shack…

Our 6 months lease ended on 9th of November 2014 and we are still here. source “Why is that!?”, you will ask. We want to... Read more

Top posts of 2014

Quick recap! Most clicked posts of 2014 🙂 Moving houses and saying goodbye to the garden Farewell garden tour ‘No sugar coating’ first house tour... Read more


Hosting Christmas & thrifty finds

Last year’s photo. I’m hosting Christmas this year.That might be interesting, because I passed Monica Geller phase and I’m more Paris Geller now… I’m just kidding... Read more

apartment hunt

Go apartment hunting with me!

It’s hard to write a about our housing situation, because every day brings new apartment drama and new decisions (totally different from decisions we’ve made... Read more


My autumn favourites #2

Before winter and Christmas season begins, the last look at what makes fall so special 🙂 1- November ‘Give Thanks’ Printables 2-Harvest Moon 3-Autumn Plants... Read more

Fall favourites

Autumn favourites

1-October Click here for Free October Printables. 2-Coziness of cafes 3-Foliage change 4-Halloween Little Ghoulies – tutorial 5-Fall decor Fall decor ideas DIY Polka Dot... Read more

lily munster

Our apartment is a joke!

For those of you, who have just started reading our whiny story, here is a quick recap: we’ve moved into our apartment  May 2014 (full house... Read more


Decision time!

Moving houses- part 2 (you can read part 1  here). After a lot of consideration, we’ve decided on a quirky, bohemian style apartment (it has... Read more