Hi there, I’m Mila. I’m so pleased you’re here!
I’ve started this blog because “my brain has too many tabs open”.
If I don’t share my ideas (and ramblings) my head will explode!;)

I write about Low FODmap diet, living with irritable bowel syndrome, possible cures, and suitable food substitutes. I share tasty & easy to make low FODmap recipes, IBS advice and (from time to time) cute, little craft tutorials.


ibs blog

ibs blog


Random things about me:

  • I live in Edinburgh (UK), but I was born in Poland and I lived there for first 24 years of my
  • Mila is not my real name. It’s a nickname that somehow caught on! My real name is Justine.
  • I’ve got bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education And Care
  • I like zombies. A lot!
  • In my early twenties, I was into politics. In 2005 I was trying to get into Polish
    Parliament. No, I’m not kidding! I was featured in Marie Claire mag together with other young
    hopefuls. That’s me: fifth from the right (striking a pose :)) …

    marie claire
    Photo: Marie Claire

… and second from the right:

Photo: Marie Claire
Photo: Marie Claire
  • I dream about writing a young-adult novel.
  • When I’m amongst animals and pets, I go bonkers. Love them!
  • I sometimes watch stuff on tv that makes hubbs want to remove his eyeballs with a fork.
  • I suffer from severe anxiety, agoraphobia, and IBS.
  • When I was a child, I wanted to be a singer. I sang all the time. Even at school, during
    classes. Singing and music were my jam! I took part in singing and lip syncing contests and I
    loved everything that involved dancing, music, theatre and decorating.
  • I used to wear dreadlocks. I bleached them once and I colored the ends pinkish-red. Well, that
    was the beginning of a New Millenium, Destiny’s Child and their colored highlights were
    a thing, and I feel completely justified 😉
  • When I cut my dreadlocks, I had fire-engine red hair for a while and I looked like a young
    boy who’s looking for trouble.
  • I’m 35 years old (2017).

(Updated: May 2017)

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