Flea market finds

flea market finds

This week’s flea market / carboot sale finds: Sharing : sundays-at-home between naps on the porch wow-us-wednesdays show-and-tell-friday feathered-nest-friday tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday

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Decision time!


Moving houses- part 2 (you can read part 1  here). After a lot of consideration, we’ve decided on a quirky, bohemian style apartment (it has…

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Rustic pear tart

Rustic pear tart

Shopping  list: – 2- 4 pears – half baked pastry case – 1-3 tablespoons of white sugar (you can add more if you got sweet…

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Farewell garden tour


Some of you might remember, that we’ve received a notice to leave house we’re currently renting (you can read about here). I’ve decided to make…

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Gardener’s Calendar- May


It’s time for: – planting annuals – planting herbs – trimming hedges – tidying up daffodil and hyacinth bulbs – sowing vegetables – fertilizing vegetable…

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My spring favourites

DECOR “Mummified”, colourful pumpkins My mum really loved the way munchkin pumpkins( that my dad bought in the fall) looked like, so she decided to…

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Invasion of colours


I’m taking a quick break from Easter decorating and cooking to let you guys know, that there’s nothing more captivating than awakening of Spring in Edinburgh. Whole…

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Gardener’s Calendar- April


It’s time for: Sowing new lawns or repair bare patches Mulching rose and shrub beds Pruning heathers Sowing directly in to  the ground: nasturtium, sunflower, china…

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The fog that stole spring

Fog and daffodils

It has been very foggy weekend in Edinburgh. Here are some snaps. Sharing: between naps on the porch homestead-barn-hop tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday inspire- me-monday wake-up-wednesday wow-us-wednesdays…

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Colourful spring decorations


Simple and colourful- spring decorations ideas. Ad: Sharing: home-sweet-home show-and-tell-friday frugal-friday the-inspiration-gallery best-of-weekend happiness-is-homemade our-sunday-best between naps on the porch homestead-barn-hop tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday tuesdays-treasures wow-us-wednesdays…

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DIY mason jars art


You will need: – clean mason jars or bottles – nail polish (few different colours) – shallow plastic container ( large enough to fit lying jars…

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Hazy morning on a stud farm


Our Sunday snaps. Fog, countryside and playfull horses. Sharing: our-sunday-best between naps on the porch homestead-barn-hop tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday do-tell-tuesday youre-gonna-love-it-tuesday tuesdays-with-twist the-backyard-farming-connection-hop wow-us-wednesdays the-homeacre-hop

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