Plants slugs won't eat. Slug resistant plants. Plants that repel slugs and snails. Plants slugs hate.

Plants slugs won’t eat

 Plants slugs won’t eat!  List of 24 plants slugs and snails won’t eat. Slugs and snails (and their appetite) are common problem for gardeners. It’s... Read more

October patio

Fall patio update

Fall patio update. Hi guys, sorry for not posting anything last week, but the situation with our apartment is getting crazier and crazier (last week... Read more

Fall patio

My fall patio

My fall patio. Funny squirrel, pumpkins and lots of chestnuts! This is how my patio looks like at at the moment. Nasturtiums are out of... Read more

Rainy day...

Garden update

That was the first and will be my last summer in this apartment, so I would like to share a quick garden update with you.... Read more


Gardener’s Calendar – Autumn

September It’s time for : – planting spring flowering bulbs ( Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths,Irises,Crocuses) – planting perennials – planting trees and shrubs – fertilizing lawns – filling bare... Read more


Front garden update

This is how the front garden looked liked when we’ve got keys to our new apartment (May 2014): This is how it looked liked after... Read more


Farewell garden tour

Some of you might remember, that we’ve received a notice to leave house we’re currently renting (you can read about here). I’ve decided to make... Read more


Gardener’s Calendar- May

It’s time for: – planting annuals – planting herbs – trimming hedges – tidying up daffodil and hyacinth bulbs – sowing vegetables – fertilizing vegetable... Read more


Gardener’s Calendar- April

It’s time for: Sowing new lawns or repair bare patches Mulching rose and shrub beds Pruning heathers Sowing directly in to  the ground: nasturtium, sunflower, china... Read more

Gardener's calendar-March

Gardener’s Calendar-March

It’s time for: Tidying up dead leaves,weeding Mulching,Adding organic soil,Raking Pruning dead branches: read more about pruning roses and fuchsias here. Shaping plants and shrubs: Lavender,Hydrangea,Wisteria,Honeysuckle... Read more